Better Font Awesome 2 ready for testing!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve received a ton of inquiries asking when Better Font Awesome would support the latest batch of icons in Font Awesome 5+. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to announce that the Better Font Awesome v2 beta is ready for testing!


What’s new?

The feature list for BFA 2 is short and sweet:

  • Add support Font Awesome 5+!
  • Auto-map legacy icons to their newer versions (e.g. automobilecar), so you don’t have to think about it
  • Integrate icon keywords into icon search for improved results
  • Show icon name (instead of class) when hovering over icon options (makes it easier to find the icon you’re looking for)
  • Preserve support for all earlier versions of Font Awesome

Testers needed

I would very much appreciate your help testing the new version and ensuring it is rock-solid before releasing the stable version for widespread use. I have tested extensively, both with automated CI tests to ensure support for PHP versions 5.3-7.1, as well as considerable user testing of all new features to ensure things are working as expected. That said, many eyes are always better than one. If you have time/interest, please have a look and I’ll be more than happy to give you a shoutout on the official plugin page.

Testing instructions

  1. Download the latest beta version
  2. Make sure you have some way to access the filesystem on your server (FTP, SSH, automated build/deploy, etc). Nothing is expected to act wonky, but if it does, it’s always nice to be able to quickly disable the plugin.
  3. Install the downloaded beta version of BFA (either via the admin or direct upload)
  4. Start testing!

Things to test

  • Installation
    • Does installation go smoothly?
    • Do you get any errors during the process?
  • Settings
    • Go to Settings → Better Font Awesome
    • Is your previous Font Awesome version selection preserved?
    • Are you able to select versions greater than 5?
  • Update process
    • Are you able to update and revert versions without issue?
    • Are all of your icons still properly showing on the frontend?
    • Are legacy icons being correctly auto-mapped to their newer versions (see the list of updated icons)?
  • Anything else you notice?


First of all – THANK YOU FOR TESTING! I very much appreciate your help

If you do come across any issues or outstanding questions, please create a new thread on the official support page and prefix the title with [Beta Test]. I will be monitoring these support threads closely and will do my best to respond to any feedback as quickly as possible.


. . . for your interest and feedback. BFA has received overwhelming support since its inception, and the positive reception makes it such a fun project to work on. Looking forward to releasing a stable version into the wild very soon. . .


8 thoughts on “Better Font Awesome 2 ready for testing!”

  1. Is there a possibility to enable keep-alive for host
    P.S. I do not see the contact form to send message directly 🙂

  2. Hi Mickey, I’m working on a plugin that needs Font-Awesome for icons, both back and front-end (because of a preview system). On the WordPress directory it says your plugin has only been updated a year ago. I would like to know if you will maintain it (or work on the BFA2 release) in the future.

    I don’t want to include the library (FA) one more time, with version conflicts and all that, so I will have to recommend a plugin for this, and use it on my own plugin’s demo page. I think yours is very good, I just have to make sure it’ll be around and up-to-date (not saying it’s not) in the future, as I’m going to mention you in the docs.

    I hope you read this and give me an answer. Keep up the good work.

    NB: Can’t post my real email address

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