LifeLabs manager training notes to self

Week #1: Coaching Skills Questions + Playbacks + Split-tracks Ask more questions! Ask more open questions! Question of the week for me: “What are the options?” Playbacks “I heard you say ____. . .” Split-tracks “I hear you saying a few things, which one should we start with?” Empower your partner to decide – there’s … Continue reading“LifeLabs manager training notes to self”

LoopConf: Notes from Day 1

Put an “S” on it by Zack Tollman, Issues & Challenges MIXED Content Issues Passive Active insecure requests loaded on the page that can be hi-jacked States (lock color in Chrome, e.g.) green = OK yellow = passive mixed content red = not secure, active mixed content Strategies For Migration HTTPS everywhere hi risk … Continue reading“LoopConf: Notes from Day 1”

Notes from ForwardJS – Advanced JS: Rethinking Async

These are some notes-to-self from Kyle Simpson‘s recenct ForwardJS workshop titled: Advanced JS: Rethinking Async. The Problem: Callback Hell Limitations placed on our flow control, imposed by callback syntax. Inability to trust how your callback will be handled. Concepts: Parallel vs Async Parallel = all 30 people on the same rollercoaster car. Async = 30 people on 30 1-seater rollercoaster cars one after the … Continue reading“Notes from ForwardJS – Advanced JS: Rethinking Async”

Meetup Fun and Productivity Tool Roundup

The latest Bay Area Web Freelancers Meetup lived up to its name – “Productivity & Pinot” – with a healthy dose of both. Individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions descended on MIGHTYminnow HQ to share their favorite tools of the trade. Here are some of our favorites: Vimium This Chrome browser … Continue reading“Meetup Fun and Productivity Tool Roundup”

WordCamp: San Francisco Edition

This past weekend saw WordCamp SF come to town, and it pretty much rocked my socks off. Though MIGHTYminnow represented last year, it was before my time so this was my first WordCamp. I think I’m totally hooked now. Below are some highlights: Speakers The sheer number of hugely talented presenters was astounding: WordPress core developers, prolific … Continue reading“WordCamp: San Francisco Edition”