Winning Friends, Influencing People

I fiiinnnaaaaalllllyyy got around to reading How To Win Friends & Influence People. TL;DR – highly recommend! The book covers a ton of timeless work/life principles that are as valuable now as they were when the book was published in 1936, even if the examples feel a bit dated. This post, however, is not a … Continue reading“Winning Friends, Influencing People”

The Tools I Use to Organize My Life

Intro I coach a leadership program out in Colorado, and recently coaches and participants alike have been talking a lot about how to effectively manage the demands of the program in conjunction with work, family responsibilities, to-do lists, personal care, and all the other things life entails. I’m no organizational expert myself, but I do have some … Continue reading“The Tools I Use to Organize My Life”

LoopConf: Notes from Day 2

Writing WP-CLI Commands That Work by Steve Grunwell Benefits Easier to perform bulk ops Better vis into WP internals Cron, cache, transients, etc Not subject to timeouts like browser Better filesystem access Ability to script (automation) Good places to use it Deploying updates Troubleshooting issues with cron, caching, transients Scheduled maintenance routines Data migrations and transforms … Continue reading“LoopConf: Notes from Day 2”