LoopConf: Notes from Day 2

Writing WP-CLI Commands That Work by Steve Grunwell Benefits Easier to perform bulk ops Better vis into WP internals Cron, cache, transients, etc Not subject to timeouts like browser Better filesystem access Ability to script (automation) Good places to use it Deploying updates Troubleshooting issues with cron, caching, transients Scheduled maintenance routines Data migrations and transforms … Continue reading“LoopConf: Notes from Day 2”

LoopConf: Notes from Day 1

Put an “S” on it by Zack Tollman, https://speakerdeck.com/tollmanz Issues & Challenges MIXED Content Issues Passive Active insecure requests loaded on the page that can be hi-jacked States (lock color in Chrome, e.g.) green = OK yellow = passive mixed content red = not secure, active mixed content Strategies For Migration HTTPS everywhere hi risk … Continue reading“LoopConf: Notes from Day 1”

Notes from ForwardJS – General Sessions

These are some notes-to-self from a variety of presentations I attended at the recent ForwardJS Conference. Check out the reading list at the very bottom for some homework. How your brain is conspiring against you making good software by Jenna Zeigen Humans are predictably irrational. – Dan Ariely The Problem: We may be “rational” developers, but we’re also … Continue reading“Notes from ForwardJS – General Sessions”

Notes from ForwardJS – Advanced JS: Rethinking Async

These are some notes-to-self from Kyle Simpson‘s recenct ForwardJS workshop titled: Advanced JS: Rethinking Async. The Problem: Callback Hell Limitations placed on our flow control, imposed by callback syntax. Inability to trust how your callback will be handled. Concepts: Parallel vs Async Parallel = all 30 people on the same rollercoaster car. Async = 30 people on 30 1-seater rollercoaster cars one after the … Continue reading“Notes from ForwardJS – Advanced JS: Rethinking Async”

Archiver: a WordPress plugin to auto-archive your content using The Wayback Machine

TL;DR I just published a new WordPress plugin called Archiver that automatically creates snapshots of your content using The Wayback Machine. At our NerdWallet hackathon a few months back, my colleague John Lee presented an idea that goes something like this: what if we could create a tool that would automatically generate a visual archive of our site content so that we could … Continue reading“Archiver: a WordPress plugin to auto-archive your content using The Wayback Machine”

A model for the new WordPress plugin directory

TL;DR a new WordPress plugin directory is in the works, and the WP Dev Dashboard plugin could serve as a good model for a new developer interface. There’s been a lot of great talk lately around efforts to fully revamp the WordPress plugin directory. As a plugin developer myself, I like what I hear, and get excited thinking about how we … Continue reading“A model for the new WordPress plugin directory”

Include Private/Draft Pages In Parent Dropdowns

By default, WordPress only includes published pages in the dropdown select menu that allows you to choose a parent for a particular page. This is a pretty well documented problem that is yet to be addressed in core. Not a huge issue, however it can cause some pretty pesky problems. For example, say you have … Continue reading“Include Private/Draft Pages In Parent Dropdowns”