Notes from ForwardJS – General Sessions

These are some notes-to-self from a variety of presentations I attended at the recent ForwardJS Conference. Check out the reading list at the very bottom for some homework. How your brain is conspiring against you making good software by Jenna Zeigen Humans are predictably irrational. – Dan Ariely The Problem: We may be “rational” developers, but we’re also … Continue reading“Notes from ForwardJS – General Sessions”

Notes from ForwardJS – Advanced JS: Rethinking Async

These are some notes-to-self from Kyle Simpson‘s recenct ForwardJS workshop titled: Advanced JS: Rethinking Async. The Problem: Callback Hell Limitations placed on our flow control, imposed by callback syntax. Inability to trust how your callback will be handled. Concepts: Parallel vs Async Parallel = all 30 people on the same rollercoaster car. Async = 30 people on 30 1-seater rollercoaster cars one after the … Continue reading“Notes from ForwardJS – Advanced JS: Rethinking Async”

Equal Height Columns with jQuery

There are a ton of great solutions out there for creating equal heights columns – so many that it can get a bit daunting to choose one. Here’s a simple jQuery snippet we’ve started using when CSS alone won’t suffice. Thanks to Rob Glazebrook for the building blocks, to which we added some special functionality … Continue reading“Equal Height Columns with jQuery”

Mm Plugin: jQuery Responsive Select Menu

jQuery Responsive Select Menu Automatically turn your standard WordPress navigation menus into responsive select / drop-down menus when the screen is below a certain width. Download Now » See Demo » GitHub Repo » jQuery Responsive Select Menu gives you a simple way to make your navigation menus responsive for mobile devices like phones and … Continue reading“Mm Plugin: jQuery Responsive Select Menu”

:hover Effects for Mobile

We recently completed a project in which we needed to popup a tooltip-like box when hovering over an element. The :hover CSS pseudo-class works fine in desktop, but not so well on mobile. What ends up happening on mobile is that tapping the target element does indeed pop up the tooltip, but tapping elsewhere on … Continue reading“:hover Effects for Mobile”

How to Make a Custom jQuery WordPress Plugin

We love jQuery. A lot. And we use it a lot too. In fact, on pretty much every site we build, we utilize a common set of basic jQuery snippets that do some handy things (opening external links in a new window, adding helpful classes to list elements, labeling links based on there “href” attributes, … Continue reading“How to Make a Custom jQuery WordPress Plugin”

Add Expanding “Read More” Links to Your WordPress Blog

Here’s a handy jQuery/CSS snippet that adds special “read more” links to expand and hide your WordPress blog posts, accordion style. This is pretty useful if your blog page is spitting out a bunch of long posts, and you’d like to consolidate some space. The code is set to work with default WordPress classes and … Continue reading“Add Expanding “Read More” Links to Your WordPress Blog”