How to Get URLs for WordPress Admin Menu Items

Get WordPress admin menu item URL'sRecently, we were working on a project in which we needed a reliable way to get URL’s for WordPress admin menu items (Dashboard, Posts, Plugins, Tools, etc). Despite our best searching efforts, we simply could not find an answer – seemingly no existing function to accomplish this task. So we ended up digging into menu-header.php, the file that generates WordPress admin menu, and creating a function of our own.

get_admin_menu_item_url() retrieves a URL based on an admin menu item’s associated “file”:


To use get_admin_menu_item_url(), you first need to figure out the “file” that corresponds to the menu item you’re interested in. This file name can be found by accessing items in the global $menu and $submenu arrays – which hold the top- and sub-level admin menu items. Each of these items is an array with the following key/value pairs:

0 – name
1 – capability
2 – file
3 – class
4 – id
5 – icon source

What we’re interested in is the file, which is the unique identifier that will allow us to retrieve the menu item’s URL. So when all is said and done, your code might look like this:


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